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1987 Talon made the worlds first all composite hockey stick. Despite concerted opposition from the FIH that composites would “ ruin the game of hockey just like they did tennis” we pushed on and sold over 50,000 sticks worldwide.

In 1997 the FIH “banned us” by mistake and we lost 80% of our market. By the time they had corrected the error, over one year later, all the major brands had a composite hockey stick. In the last 15 years not much has changed from our first composites and we felt it was time to mix things up again.

Welcome to the TH9!


Brief – Manufacture a carbon chair that could be used in every day applications and could stack and meet the very demanding level 5 of the ISO 7173.


Selected for the permanent exhibition of the Powerhouse Museum Sydney


Winner Peoples choice award Composites Excellence 1997


Australian Design Award


Brief - Take a radical new fin shape and find a way to make it in high volumes, so the fin is lighter and has a unique look, then find a manufacturer not associated with any other fin makers to protect the IP.


Winner of the Australian Design Award 2005 


Commissioned to design a lightweight box for transferring ATM cassettes from the armoured truck to the ATM machine, Talon made a Kevlar box with a sophisticated lid and lock. The box was fitted with powerful tracking technologies and reactive defences that made it almost impossible to break into in under 20 min, the time required to get a tracking lock and inform the police.

                     Talon Chair



                     FCS Fins

Using materials more often found in stealth aircraft and bulletproof jackets, the Carbon Hinge is extremely thin, light, and durable.


The Carbon Hinge is perfect for a variety of applications due to it's exceptional corrosion resistance, ability to bond to surfaces, and light weight construction.


JEC Asia Innovation Award - Marine

Carbon Hinge