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Carbon Kevlar Hinge

Developed by Talon Technology in Sydney Australia,this all composite hinge is a true innovation in hinge design.


Using materials more often found in stealth aircraft and bulletproof jackets,the Talon Hinge is extremely thin, light and durable.


Hinges can be made in almost any variety of materials and thickness.Flex units can be doubled or even tripled if additional strenght is required.  Due to the materials non metal structure, magnets can be integrated into the hinge to offer a self closing option and electrical cabling can be sandwiched into the flex unit to allow connection across the hinge.


All our hinges have been tested to to 150,000 cycles at 500 cycles per minute through a 135 degree arc and both the innegra and kevlar hinges can withstand a 150kg static load in a 50mm long, 25mm wide configuration.

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